Family Movie Night

(Hanna last night about 9:45pm after candy, popcorn, and play--she was asleep within a minute of the shot)
Last night we laid out under the stars to watch Peter Pan at my sister's place. For anyone who is technically inclined, you know what it takes. What I know is my brother-in-law Kelly set up a projector and a great, white sheet for the movie screen. My sister prepared popcorn, candy, drinks, and glow sticks. With cool, pleasant weather, a special family night was before the friends and family that came. What a set up for the kids--glow sticks swirling in the dark, plenty of treats, and a humorous, magical movie.

(getting ready for the show)

(Hanna sugared up)

(Hanna and my sister)
This morning Hanna said, "Remember. Remember when we watched the movie outside?" "Yes, Hanna, I remember."