No Turning "Bed"

"Follow Jesus, follow Jesus. No turning bed, no turning bed."

Hanna has been singing this song lately. Even though her words are few, I figured it out. Her school recently taught this to her, I am sure. "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" is a simple, classic hymn--that I just discovered originated from India. I just put Hanna down for her nap, but as she was in my arms, I attempted to remember the tune and the words from my childhood. It came back to me. When I got to the part, "no turning back, no turning back," Hanna said, "No! 'No turning bed,' not 'back'." She was sleepy enough that I could get away with continuing to sing the real version until she finally fell asleep. Reminders of the songs from my childhood are coming up often these days as I play and sing with Hanna.

(Hanna is to the left of my great aunt sitting on the bench. Also, in front are Hanna's cousins. In the back is my mom on the left, my aunt, and my sister. This was taken last weekend.)