Another Little Espinoza on the Way

Oh, it has been awhile. You see, I'm pregnant, and I can't stand to be on the computer much these days. Along with the smell of coffee, sitting in front of the computer has grossed me out a bit. I would expect to get over this funny side-effect soon; I am 16 weeks along now.

(I am pouching...)

I certainly can't fit into my pants anymore, and many of my shirts are getting uncomfortably small. I literally only have two pregnancy pants that fit me right now; I think a shopping trip is overdue! Other than my over sensitivity to smells and thoughts of things, the pregnancy is going well. I do feel extra tired this time around.

(setting up tent...hiking...and a critter found on Hanna's pants...)

Texas is our regular Thanksgiving destination to see David's side of the family. To break up the 16 hour drive and to have a little fun, we stopped near Amarillo at Palo Duro Canyon State Park to camp for two nights and hike. The weather was a little chilly in the mornings but beautiful by day (70s and low 80s). Hanna hiked this trip without help for about 1 1/2 miles. David and I were both floored; she was a maniac wanting to reach the "top." She made it, but David had to give her piggy-back rides and shoulder rides all the way back. We didn't hike another trail without the stroller--she's a heavy girl!

(morning in the canyon...and our little dirty-faced camper)

Our time in Texas was good (and tasty!) with friends and family. On the way home, David and I attemped the long drive in one day, like we often do. However, we tried to drive around the snow storm that was cutting through northern Texas, and we both really felt the pain of the extra long drive this time around. By the end of that drive, we decided to break up the trip into two days from here on out--for the love of all that's good! I think I am still feeling the drag of that 18 hour day.