28 December 2007

Christmas Time

1) The week before Christmas, Hanna and I came back from our day of work and school, and she said, "Momma, I want to help make food." She pulls out both our aprons from the cabinet. Ahhhh. Dinner plans changed to homemade pizza. She did a good job, but I am the one who had issues with our oven and baked the pizza extra crispy.

2) My mom and dad drove in from Illinois the weekend before Christmas. On our first day together "the girls" went out. We took a walk, visited an Old Town shop in Castle Rock where my sister is now selling her products (I hope to show them sometime; they're beautiful), and stopped for a drink to warm up. That evening we watched The Nativity Story. I hadn't seen it up until that point. The portrails of Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, and Zacheriah were worth seeing. I gained a greater appreciation for their faith and character.

3, 4, 5, and video 1 & 2) The next day we brought the kids ice skating. David stayed booted, took pictures/videos, and come out to help/give me a lap or two from time to time. I ventured out with skates asking Hanna to "stand up," "balance," "try walking." It makes me laugh to think about how much work it was taking me, especially at first, to keep Hanna moving on the ice. After about 40 mins. of bending over with Hanna, we were both ready to give our legs and my back a rest. One of my favorite moments on the ice was near the end. I was working to glide Hanna "home," when my nephew Jack came near. I asked him if he would be willing to take Hanna's other hand and we would skate together to the exit. He did, and I think that was the funniest stretch for Hanna having her big cousin by her side. We worked up an appetite and had delicious Chineese for lunch. With the help of her little "chopstick joiner," Hanna tried eating her food like Momma, and she started catching on.

the rest of the pics & last video) On Christmas Eve we went out to eat for a change at a favorite Italian restaurant. We ordered family style, had our fill, and took home plenty, too. While we waited for food, I caught my baby nephew plugging his ears! (what are you saying to us?)along with my dad with his granddaughters. I caught a nice shot of my sister and her family before leaving the restaurant. In the mist of visiting and eating, we really lost track of time (we anticipated finishing our meal with time to "freshen up" at my sister's home before church). At this rate if all travels went well, we would barely make church service on time. David, Hanna, and I drove in the parking lot right on time (if that's considered "on time"); however, we changed Hanna into her dress in the car. We couldn't miss out wearing this dress; Hanna's abuela from Texas gave it to her for this occasion. When her dress was on, Hanna said with surprise, "I am a princess." We walked into church to find seats being set up in the "overflow" area. Due to my sister and her family having to stop for gas and my parents taking a wrong turn, the rest of the family arrived shortly after. After all of that, it was a good service: touching, humorous at one point (it was fun seeing the kids smiling/laughing), meaningful with tradition. After church, we had "dessert" at my sisters, but no one was able to eat. We moved on to reading the story of Jesus' birth. Then Jack played "The First Noel" and "Jingle Bells" at the piano as we added singing. I was impressed that our loud singing didn't throw him off. He is a good player. Finally, children opened a gift before everyone called it a night in anticipation for Christmas day.

During this Christmas, our time was sweet with my parents and my sister's family. I have been thinking a lot about extended family and friends this season. This year included many joys and sweet moments; however, it has included lots of pain, loss, and sorrow, too. I realize that as God provides the strength we need (often when we don't call on Him but especially when we do), he also lets us experience much of that strength through our loved ones, through the relationships He has placed in our life. It is sweet and humbling the way He works...

Hanna getting started on the ice...

using chopsticks...

dancing in her dress...


  1. So cute! I miss Southlands so much. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and we hope to see you soon. Hope the baby is being good to you:)

  2. I hope we aren't as tired tomorrow taking Ashleigh ice skating as you and Hanna were. Looks like a lot of fun though! Good job mom - looks like that takes a lot of patience!