17 February 2008

Happy Birthday to Hanna

short and sweet...hanna lorann turned 3 a week ago...she now sports some new wheels...i think she is ready for this age...i don't know if i am, as i think of her being more of a fireball when the new little one comes along...hanna is a good girl...who knows, our new little one might be more of a handful...overall, i am excited to have our family expand...it looks like hanna will have a baby sister in may...i teased david that it will finally be even around here...he and the two geldings--me and the two girls...


  1. That's cute, Amy! The sweet pictures of Hanna and the one of you showing the baby. Looks like she loves her bike and is growing up so fast.

    Thanks for the playdate yesterday! Ashleigh loved seeing Hanna and feeding the horses. See you again soon!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hanna!!! I can't believe how big she is! Wish her and Noah could play together. Maybe someday:) You look fabulous. Have a great day!