Dreaming of Our Baby

(Hanna's first day)

We are getting closer. I am feeling more and more uncomfortable--a few more aches and pains and a bit more tired. However, it hasn't been too bad. I am in my 38 week, and planning to work until the baby comes. I am getting many more funny looks from the students these days--many stares from the little ones, particularly. My belly is pronounced, for sure.=)

Thinking about our Littlest Espinoza, it got me thinking back to Hanna's beginning. That's how I came across this video.

Not better or worse, but this pregnancy has been different. I have certainly not been as in awe this time around. It has felt much more natural, like this is how it works. I so much appreciated the shower my coworkers put on for us this past weekend. I didn't expect this the second time around, especially because we have most everything we need for another girl, but this day was very sweet by helping me slow down and celebrate this new little life that will be with us soon. The women were so kind and generous. It was also a nice time to just enjoy the relationships that have been made over the last couple years at school, especially because David and I have planned that I won't be in the work place for a good stretch once this baby arrives. Hanna joined me at the shower and helped me open up our "family" gifts. She was shy much of the time, but I think she had fun.