Guesthouse. Done? Wipe Out. Done. Mothering. In Progress.

Since David and I moved into our house 5 years ago we have dreamed out loud often about building a small guesthouse or addition onto our home so our family and friends can stay with us for long stretches with a little more privacy. So when we bought a used RV trailer this past weekend for our long roadtrips to and from Texas (David's side of the family) and Illinois (my side of the family) and for fun recreation here in Colorado we realized we finally got our guesthouse, too. Get ready Mom and Dad! (I am so joking!=))

As for Dad and Hanna bonding, on Tuesdays this summer they would laugh on the couch to Wipe Out. By the end of the summer, I decided to see what all the fun was about and finally started joining them. Have you seen it? What people will do for money! And the commentators make it even better.

Finally, I am regularly keeping up with Stephanie (NieNie) and Christian Nielson's recovery. NieNie's family is regularly posting "reposts" on her site while she is in critical condition because they miss her delightful words and pictures. Today's repost is on "mothering." It is so refreshing to read these words from a number of mothers (NieNie gathered words from women around the country) who work hard to nurture, influence, and prepare their children because of the covenant they have made with their husbands and the Lord. How often do you hear women talk like this? I think it is beautiful and powerful.

I'll let Aurelia see you off today: