Soaking Up the Summer Sun

Can you tell them apart? Which is Hanna? Which is Aurelia?

Rid'em, girl...Hanna gets an arena ride about a week ago.

Just because it makes me smile...Hanna dances to might want to turn down the volume; our radio was loud.

David wanted to add onto the swingset Labor Day weekend. It is nearly done. I still have some staining to do; then the last boards will be nailed.

hiking Lair O' the Bear Labor Day...then lunch at Little Bear (it looks like Hanna is going to tell you all about it)...

Hanna put HERSELF in "timeout" when she got irritated that we told her not to put the tongs of her fork in the tables carved lettering or she'd need a new fork...

Hope this finds you well. For now we are going, going...