Ready or Not, Snow

Greetings from Colorado!

Yesterday, we woke up to strong, cold winds and this stuff.

Hanna could have stayed outside much longer. I couldn't find my winter coat; so I had to cut the fun short. We did get in a lot of snow tracks, threw a few snowballs, and made a snowman. She was initially anxious to knock it down, but when I gave her the go-ahead, she changed her mind.

Did you have any idea? Possibly the smallest snowman in the Denver area is in our yard this weekend.=)

Finally, I got to say, I love this girl. She is sweet, fun, and a trooper with mom's goofiness. Yesterday, I asked her to sing two songs for "grandma" (aka loved ones, friends). With her "curious-threes" questions about "time" these days, I gave her a couple songs to get familiar with the days of the week and the months of the year. The best part is her style of performance, from start to finish.=) So without further ado...