Thanksgiving Vacation, Final Post (FINALLY)

Finally, traveling back to CO, we camped a couple nights at Hueco Tanks State Park, just east of El Paso, TX. This park was unusual in that you had to report daily to hike, and many of the trails were off-limits unless you had a guide. Due to over 200 pictographs found on the over 800 acres, they work hard to protect the "treasures" of the area with the tightest regulations we have ever witnessed at a park. We had to watch a 15 min. orientation video to enter. Our campsite had a gate that was always shut. We felt inconvenienced at first, but we really enjoyed our stay. We hope that we can come back and take guided tours in the future. This trip for us included many small hikes, rock exploring, and one larger bouldering hike up to a cave called Cave Kiva. The bouldering was pretty easy climbing, but of course, we took very cautious steps with the girls. This bouldering trip was well worth in that we saw the best pictographs of our trip (see the two photos below).

(notice the sign. these were all throughout the park.)

(see our truck! this is a view down from our climb to cave kiva.)

(cave kiva is behind the alligator rock on the top right.)

(the entrance to cave kiva)

(great pictographs in the cave)

(beautiful nature)

(a lot of exploring through the massive rock)

As the day of hiking and climbing came to a close, we found a loveseat to rest in. The camper was more comfortable.=)