Thanksgiving Vacation, Post 1

We are back. Our regular Thanksgiving vacation in Texas kept us out of Colorado for over a week and a half. I almost kissed our carpet when we got back. There is something about the comforts of home (and not living out of a suitcase)!

We had good camping and hiking on the way down and on the way back. Both parks where new to us. Caprock Canyon State Park, near Amarillo, TX, was very pretty and peaceful. Surprisely, the park was very quiet. When we have camped at Palo Duro Canyon State Park the weekend before Thanksgiving, it has been pretty busy. However Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the U.S. Caprock has good hiking. We walked a portion (we only can get so far with two little ones these days=)) of two trails and did some site-seeing. Also, there is a small lake for fishing and swimming that we hope to enjoy in the future. They also had a great playground.

(our first hike. we were so low key, we didn't even put her in a frontpack. mom and dad just took turns.)


(our second hike had views similar to this on both sides of the trail.)

(at the end of the day, we played one more time at the playground. some took a little time to rest.)

(walking by the lake at sundown, we took a shot of all of us with trail dust still in our hair.=))