Thanksgiving Vacation, Post 2

Our stop to see family takes us to a small town just south of San Antonio, TX. We stay with my mother-in-law. The brothers and their families come in to visit as they can throughout the holiday week. A remodeling project is currently underway at my mother-in-law's place, and David didn't waste much time giving a hand. Other than a bit of a break on Thanksgiving day and taking most of our last day off to take the girls to the zoo, David was keeping his hands dirty with plumbing and electrical work. David is happy to do it. However, he felt a bit like a stranger to me by the end of the week.=)

(a taste of the remodeling work in-progress)

It was wonderful seeing family and seeing how much the kids have much! For most of the week, the loan girl cousin (she's one week older than Hanna) spent the night with Abela so all three girls could get lots of playtime in.

(Isel and Hanna)

(When asked for silly faces, this is the best Isel would give me.=))

(all the girls)

(Isel's brother Angel Diego aka A.D.)

(The parents. Pardon the mug-shots.=) I took some family pictures like this to make a family book for my girls this Christmas.)

My eldest brother-in-law's boys are very sweet with the girls. It is amazing to see how a couple of their statures are already passing up their father's, and a couple of their hairstyles are nearly as long as mine.=)


(This is where Hanna liked to be, right in her cousin's lap (they're watching a movie).)

(Being with Tio was another good option.=))

(Oralia with Aurelia. Oh, yes. It hasn't been easy.=))

Brackenridge Park is the oldest park in San Antonia with over 300 acres! The place is beautiful. The day before we had to leave, we spent the day at the zoo there in the park after first taking a ride on the park's train. Childhood friends of David and their children joined us, making the trip even better.

Hasta la vista.=)