Deeeeep Thoughts by Amy Lu

How much baby food is wasted in the process?

I don't remember Hanna being so messy. Today Aurelia looked especially colorful. She doesn't eat like my first. Hanna refused little to nothing. Aurelia, in comparison, is picky and is rarely whole heartly into eating what's in front of her. I'm guessing that's why so much misses her stomach in times like theses. This morning, the attempt was carrots.

Yesterday, we got another skating trip in, just the Espinozas. Hanna tried the "trainer" bars this time and caught on pretty well. It was nice having my hands free for a change. For your viewing pleasure, a video follows of her cruising around the rink.

Finally, cousins below dance to Christmas music. I meant to share this earlier. It's humorous and sweet. Happy New year!