The Truth is Out

First off, something has to be said for not having to make a full dinner every night. While the man's away, we're eating leftovers more than not. We are doing just fine, right, working away at the potato-leek soup, the spinach lasagna, the pumpkin-pecan muffins, and the fresh batch of granola throughout the days. Make note, there is no meat involved in these dishes, and I haven't heard any complaints that the world will come to a stop because of it. We love you, Daddy!

Tonight the girls and I drove around dropping off Pampered Chef products to a couple neighbors. As we drove home, I asked Hanna about dinner:
Me: What [leftovers] do you want tonight? Lasagna or soup?
H: Why can't I have peanut butter and jelly?
Me: You had it for lunch. You can't have it for dinner, too.
H: Why not?
Me: Because you'd turn into a peanut butter ball.
H: If you have lasagna, you'd turn into a lasagna ball.
Me: Well, that wouldn't be good.
H: Why?
Me: Then you'd be nutty, and I'd be cheezy.

I am not sure what was more surprising, that she might be tired of the leftovers now, or the truth of how our conversation ended.

(the sledding was early this week, the playtime posse was yesterday, the princess helped me decorate a package to a friend yesterday, too)