This is Random

(1. about 5 with older sis and younger bro; 2. about 13 with sis; 3. senior year of college with friends; 4. our oldest girl is 4 months at a family reunion)

*I met my husband in a dance bar. Who would have thought?

*I would like to be about 10 pounds heavier (stronger).

*During elementary years at night, my brother and I would “Morse code” with flashlights through our window to our neighbor friends across the street.

*Back in the day, I was a mean tree climber. We had mostly pines; so I put up with a lot of sap.

*The most incredible and beautiful story I have ever known is the story of Jesus, and so His story continues.

*My favorite authors are C.S. Lewis and Ravi Zacherias.

*One of my dearest friends, I have known since 2nd grade.

*Freshman year of college, a stranger followed me several blocks from the laundry mat to my apartment. Once I got in, he knocked on the door, and asked me out. Creeeeepy!

*My favorite 14er hiked with DE was Challenger Point in the Sangre de Cristo range of Colorado. DE says I whined bouldering the final ascent to the peak. You would have, too!

*In college on a date, we were walking through a park at night to get some ice cream. We were about half way through the park when...the sprinkler system came on.

*I ran the Horsetooth ½ marathon in the foothills of Ft. Collins, CO with a friend.

*The smell of winter melting into spring reminds me of competing in track and field in high school.

*I never thought I’d be a teacher, but it was the field that seemed to suit my interests best.

*DE is like no other guy I have known in the very best way.

*My ideal job would be traveling to different parts of the world teaching and doing humanitarian work.

*My life has been touched deeply in the last 6 months by the amazing story Stephanie and Christian Nielsen--their spirit as individuals and a family.

*My first girl was induced and an epidural was needed; LD was about 8 hours long. My second girl was natural; LD was under 3 hours long.

*After taking a bath, my brother and I would slide around nakie on the bathroom floor when we were kindergarten age. We had the most fun; it doesn’t sound like such a great idea now for a number of reasons.

*I found the design for my tattoo in a dusty, ancient, religious symbols book in the UNC library and then went to a Jewish synagogue to make sure I spelled it right.

*In middle school my principal Mr. N. asked me what I’d like to be when I grow up. I remember it caught me off guard. All I really liked to do was sing, draw, and play sports; so I told him I would like to be a professional athlete, artist, or singer. Now I wonder what my principal must have been thinking when he heard my response.

*I like to swing dance, but it has been a long time.

*Once I was hit by a water balloon from a drive-by while walking at night. It hit so hard in my middle that the air was knocked out of me.

*After college, I managed a residential home of high school girls. After 1 ½ years I left realizing clearly that good intentions do not trump wisdom gained from many years of experience. Unfortunately, not many older couples go after that line of work.

*I wish I would have had a relationship with my Grandpa Loran Shaffer, who died before my parents got married.

*DE and I went on a date, became friends for 4 ½ years, dated for 3 months, became engaged for 3 months before getting married.

*Outside is where I like to be most.