Caley's Chickens

Butterscotch is giving us eggs.

So are the other nine hens running around Caley and Lawsen's yard.

Several months ago, my first and second graders and I were talking in Sunday School about our pets as each child was attempting to construct their family mobile. Caley and Lawsen mentioned that they had ten chickens, along with a horse and dogs, at home. But it wasn't until after class when Caley stayed to get help finishing her mobile that I found out those chickens are laying hens. And when I found out the family gets more than enough eggs each week and the number will only increase as the hens mature (they are about 7 months old now), we made a deal. And these are Caley's hens; so she gets the dough.

And we are regularly getting farm fresh eggs now, all because of a little Sunday School chat about our loved pets. Yum!