Remembering a Year Ago

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful experiences that I never really dreamed I'd know. I drempt more about seeing the world, caring for the needy, and adopting, if marriage ever even happened. Still these ideas please me, but God surprised me with a precious friend and love in Espi about 12 years ago that has led me down a very different path than what I had envisioned for today.

Now we have two, amazing daughters in our lives that are a mix of both of us; however, I am still waiting to hear someone say, "Oh, she looks like YOU!" They both are pretty much all Daddy, except for their hazel eyes.

Our youngest is having her first birthday in a week. I loved knowing much more of what I wanted and what I didn't want with her pregnancy and being intentional to prepare for it, as best I could. In remembering her pregnancy and birth, I am amazed at the privilege we women have in the make up of our bodies to provide a home for a growing life and how our bodies can do just what is needed to bring that life into our arms.

This is for our youngest: