The Start of Spring

The start of spring brought us more snow than we had seen just about all winter.

Each spring, in anticipation for Easter we make cascarones. When the weather cooperates (it didn't cooperate this Easter), we have fun hiding the eggs all around the yard, and let the kids find them and break them over each others' heads and ours. It's fun chaos (and we are saving them for a dry, warmer day with cousins soon).
One wet, gloomy day at the start of April, a new egghead joined our family (at least for the spring time). Hanna thought "Maddy-Daddy" sounded like a fitting name. He looked so bald and sad; so wheat grass seeds and a wet cotton ball were added. And strangely, he now is living up to his name quite well with crazy hair!=)
Easter weekend was interesting and fun. We didn't make it to the community Easter egg hunt Saturday morning because our four year old ate too much for breakfast, and it came up into her lap on the way to the park. Yuck. By the time, we went back home, cleaned, and reached the park, the "hunt" had ended. So we walked around the park for about ten minutes and dreamed of what could have been.=) Saturday, also, Espi transformed our large armoire downstairs into an island for our small kitchen. We (I) have dreamed of a little more workspace for food prep for most of the years we have lived here, and we thought it would be nice to have some over-hang on an island for a couple stools for casual eating. He added a homemade butcher block top with an over-hang. Talking with my sister on the phone that day about our recent search for stools, she mentioned a clearance sale at a store in her town that had cute high chairs. We went, we liked, we bought (at 60% off!!)--we have a working island now! We finished Saturday making Resurrection cookies for the first time. Simply said: our daughter was engaged the whole time listening and helping. She went to bed with sweet anticipation for the next morning. I loved that! First thing Easter morning, Hanna was eager to take the tape off the oven to see what happened to the cookies, and we started the day reading that Jesus is alive. After church, I stayed to teach Sunday School to 25-four and five year olds! Fortunately, I had more than enough helpers, which made the time pleasant. My sister and her family finished the day at our house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt inside the house because the weather was wet and cold. It was a sweet finish to an enjoyable weekend!
(after I taught Sunday School Easter morning, Espi already in lounge clothes took a shot of the girls still dressed)