In Love with Spring

As long as I can remember, I've been a fall-kind-of-girl, but for the first time I have noticed myself falling in love with springtime. I first started to melt at the start of this season when our girls and I were driving back home and passed a property across from our church that raises sheep. The baby lambs were born. I was so excited; we turned around to drive down a side road to get a closer look at the little ones. Oh, they looked precious! The sheep roam on a couple rolling hills; it's a small herd of about 15:

sheep in spring

Joy continues when I took my laundry outside after a couple days of heavy snow mid-April. I am in shorts making Chaco sandals snow tracks as I'm hanging up clothes on the line. The birds were partying in the tree tops while our baby played in an exersaucer nearby and our oldest swung in the distance. I started hanging clothes last summer. I think of my mom during my childhood doing the same thing. I love the look of whites on the line. I have seen a few ladybugs, too, walking the line:

sheets on the line

I am starting my seventh year of planting a garden. Espi helps with the weeding and watering, but I do the planning, planting, and harvesting, for the most part. The more I'm apart of the planting process, the more I enjoy it. This year is especially sweet, because for the first time, I have a couple local friends planting gardens, too. I have been loving watching our surroundings come alive with new buds on trees, wildflowers in the lawn, seedlings in the garden. Our blue flax is my favorite right now; blue carpet's not so bad:

blue carpet

One of the sweetest surprises this spring has come from my brother's yard about 1,000 miles away. Last week, he showed me an unusual happening for birds: a robin's nest built on a fence post in his yard! They are resting only five feet off the ground in plain view with little protection from weather or prey. I have been in awe that he gets to see these four baby robins grow, but also, I have been nervous for their safety and survival. He keeps me posted. The first image was taken about 5 days ago; the last two were taken yesterday. They have already grown so much:

"My brother's" robins

**"Rockin' Robins" Update: Got this today. Love the parent on guard and how much they are feathering up. (5.29.09)