Wiggles and Giggles

Last weekend, we finally bought a small pool for the girls to cool off in. What is it about water-play that entertains so well? Hanna spent many hours during the first two days sliding, rolling, splashing, making friends with orange ladybugs that flew in to say hi. Of course, having a playmate or two would have made it tops, but she was pretty much in water heaven! Raya doesn't think it's too bad either!

(Hanna hamming it up for me)

It was right around the time of the bottom-right shot that I stepped out of the pool with Raya, and Hanna simply said, "Your bottom is wiggling." Oh, that was good! It was very matter of fact and innocent; that was it. I couldn't stop laughing to myself. She noticed; she said. And thank you for sharing with me! It's true, no denying it, but little by little, we'll be pumping up the discussions on "tactful" vs. "untactful" comments. I love these girls even when they remind me of my less-than-firm body parts!

Very soon we'll be taking off to play as a family. We are going to where the corn fields grow, and life moves pretty slow. I am enjoying many of Lenka's songs right now, so the music here is changed up for the time being. Hope you are doing well and finding fun, special ways to celebrate the start of summer! Look forward to catching up with you soon!