Thinking About the Midwest

I loved:

Seeing the buildings of old St. Derion in Indian Caves S.P.

Great old barns everywhere

A day at Krape Park, topped with ice cream at the Union Dairy

Hiking White Pines (freshly flood-damaged trails)

Arthur’s Garden Deli

Seeing beautiful vegetable gardens in nearly every yard and eating from my dad’s

Visiting and “playing” with great, “old” friends

Witnessing FDIC entering and taking over Rock River Bank in Oregon, IL (OK, maybe not, but it was a sight!)

Alfano’s Pizzeria

Seeing my favorite statue that J.Adams has designed in our hometown which my brother helped cast and construct

Trees, lots of BIG trees


Sitting through Hanna’s first parade with umbrellas—it rained the whole time!

Seeing Hanna playing and having a ball with Uncle M

Seeing Hanna on tractor rides with grandpa

Playing two, impromptu games of “P-I-G” with my brother and dad

Baby waking up and Grandma lovin’ on her until we got out of bed

Country walks

Dancing with the girls to the radio in the camper

Camping days hiking, napping in the A/C, hiking more, and finishing the night with “Daddy’s” S’mores (with cinnamon crackers and almond chocolate)

Hiking the shallow waters of Ledges S.P.

...and that sums it up.