The girls got their very first salon haircuts yesterday! I managed to cut our oldest's hair for 4 1/2 years. But the baby's hair grew out so funky, it was hard for me to make any sense of it. The baby needed a cut, and Hanna deserved some pampering, finally, I figured!

Raya was first in the chair, safe in my lap, and was very quiet and still the whole time, thank goodness. To be honest, her hair doesn't look much different than how it looked before, but she really doesn't have much to work with, yet.

Hanna was next. She got her hair washed, cut, and blow-dried. She was very quiet to all the newness, at first. "Should we start by washing your hair? Most of the big girls I cut get their hair washed." No answer. I chime in, "Hanna, it's one of my favorite parts; I think you'll like it." Hanna climbed in the chair and hesitantly put her head in the sink. Soon after she climbed up into the buster-seat in the salon chair, though, she started chatting with the beautican! "What's that? What do you use it for?" While she got beautified and they chatted, Raya and I walked around the salon and played with a basket of Happy Meal toys that we found. By the time it was all over, I was so excited for Hanna. She had a healthy cut all over and looked so cute.

(Raya tearing up the floor while we waited)

(and a clip of her moves--short and sweet)