A Day at the Farm

We finished the week at a local organic farm Berry Patch Farms in north Denver area all because of my sister. My sister makes stuff, very pretty stuff. I recently ordered a gift for a friend through her. We arranged a last minute pick up of the gift Thursday night. I would join her on her already set plans for Friday to do some berry picking, while also picking up "the goods."

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm but very pleasant in the shade for our picnic lunch. The raspberries were in abundance, much more than last year when we came. We hardly dipped into the field before our pints were overflowing.

We were honored with the presents of Bacon Bits, the farm pig. We remember her fondly because last year she surprised my friends and our children when she scampered onto the porch where we lunched and rummaged through our sandwiches and anything else she could get her mouth on while rubbing her muddy belly on our legs and shoes! She appears quite large these days!

The mini-market is a favorite. Beautiful, delicious fruits and vegetables displayed and ready to purchase. Along with the berries, we took home sweet corn, muskmelon, watermelon, and some homemade fruit candies.

Thankfully, "the goods" are in my hands and ready to give to a sweet friend this weekend. And lucky us, we got to have a fun outting with family in the process!