I rarely have the time, I rarely take the time to exhaust our children's interests.

But yesterday I did.

After a long morning out of the house, I was picking up and cleaning in the kitchen, when Raya walked up to me with a book.
So I step out of the kitchen, and we sit down on the floor and read.

When we finish, I look at her, and she nods.
"Would you like to read another book?" She nods again. "OK!" And she gets up, waddles down the hallway to her room, and comes out with another book. She hands it to me, sits close, and we read.
After that book, she looks at me and waits. "Would you like to read another book?" She nods. "OK!" Up she goes again down the hallway and out she comes again with a new book.

By this time, I am wondering how long this will last and think to myself, "We have time; let's see!" So it continues for awhile, sometimes waddling back with one book; sometimes each hand is full.
Her pile of books next to me slowly gets taller.
After a bit, while she is waddling away for more, I decide to count the pile she has created.
Next time 12.
I am impressed and amused.
My favorite is just watching this somewhat-new, little walker eagerly toddle down and back, down and back.
Finally, it happens!
"Do you want to read another?"
She shakes her head, then simply grabs a handy book and passes it to me. "Do you want to read this again?"
She nods.
So several books are asked to be repeated, before she loses interest altogether.
The final count--you guessed it.