Birthday Hike

This morning, as I was getting out of the shower, Espi and Hanna had been talking and had an idea to share for me. "Would you like to get a hike in for your birthday?" They know me well; hiking is one of my favorites. Espi said that it is suppose to be a beautiful day (and not knowing what early October will look like on my birthday); we could get an early birthday hike in today!

So we went to 8:00 church service. Then I taught 9:30 Sunday School to a nice herd of first and second graders. Lunch was whipped up at home before we headed for the mountains around 11:45 a.m. Being nearly 32 weeks pregnant, I was thinking flat, shady, easy walking sounded perfect. We drove up to Lair O' the Bear, a favorite family hiking park in Jefferson County Open Space, just past Morrison several miles deeper into the mountains.

Some of the highlights of our short hike (about 2.5 miles round-trip) were watching the creek run along side us the whole way, crossing a shallow stream over stepping stones, crossing a larger portion of the creek by bridge, and finally reaching an old, renovated castle.

The girls did great (especially, considering they both have little colds; Hanna's tender little nose shows in the pictures). Hanna took weight off her feet and added more to "Daddy's" here and there, but usually wanted to set the pace and stay in the lead (and by no means were my belly and I in any hurry!) Raya stayed in the stroller most of the time until we got to a small stretch at the end. Then she tore it up with her sister by her side.

It was a beautiful way to spend this beautiful day, upper 70s and sunny with some fall colors showing. And anytime they choose to spread out my birthday fun, I will be more than willing!