The Tired Snowman Makes a List

(can you see the snowman resemblance?)

This guy is STRONG. He moves my belly around as if it's jello sometimes. At my last appointment, I told my doctor, it feels like he could just kick himself out. She assured me he can't.

(working on an exhausting, weary pregnant face)

For the last couple weeks, I have felt extra tired from time to time. Sleep just isn't what it used to be, and we are in the home-stretch with growing and discomfort. Isn't it well designed how God preps us with a taste of the exhaustion that will come once the child is here!?

On my mind as the day is nearing:
  • yoga and walks
  • read about (refresh myself and be inspired in) the birthing process
  • register at the hospital
  • pack my bag
  • finish making arrangements for the girls
  • keep my wishes for this time in prayer (and with Espi and my doctor)

(32 weeks along)

"Pregnant and birthing mothers are elemental forces, in the same sense that gravity, thunderstorms, earthquakes, and hurricanes are elemental forces. In order to understand the laws of their energy flow, you have to love and respect them for their magnificence at the same time that you study them with accuracy of a true scientist." Ina May Gaskin