Our Lil' Guppy

Hanna had her very first swim class this month. Four of the five weekdays for two weeks, we headed to the rec center each morning. This Guppy class included her and a sweet three year old boy. Getting under the water made her hesitant at the beginning. After her second class she even said, "Swimming was so much fun today. I didn't have to put my head under water!" Fortunately, she warmed up to the idea soon after that class. She even started practicing "dipping in" during bathtime at home and on the side of the pool while her classmate took rounds with the teacher.

(practicing "dipping in" and "Ring-a-Round the Rosie" and "Motorboat, Motorboat")

(showing a lot more comfort, dipping in, and holding her breath)

For a reward or goal, on the last day the students got to ride down the waterslide with their teacher. Both Hanna and her classmate did wonderfully. I know Hanna felt so big and special getting to this point.

(when asked what she thought of the slide, she gave a thumbs-up)

Now Hanna is asking to be a Minnow, which is the next level up. We are looking forward to it, but we'll wait a little while (sometime after her brother arrives).

Espi worked from home on the last day to see her final swim class and her trip down the waterslide. To celebrate the completion of her first class, Hanna got a chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream cone on the way home. When asked what she thought of her treat, she said, "I love it as much as God loves me!" We had a very happy four year old on our hands that morning!