3 Centimeters and 50 Percent

(38 weeks)
This is our pathetic attempt of three bellies just for you, Dad!

Today's appointment was quick with good reports. I am 3 centimeters along and about 50% (and the belly measured 37 centimeters.) My doctor finished the check asking me if I'd like to have my membranes scrapped. A quick "no" was my response. Funny, but if it happens naturally at this point, of course, we go with it, but I am not up for "pushing it along" at the moment. Doc was optimistic that this little guy could be here by the end of the weekend, if not sooner. When it comes to contractions right now, my belly is hard most of time, but I can't say they are rhythmic, yet.
However, we ARE all SO CLOSE to meeting one another face to face!