Interest in the Ordinary

This past year my sister Jeanne handed me a book that inspired her. I ended up turning every page inspired, also, by the creators' initial idea, by the book's simple, gentle, authentic feel, by the art and beauty seen in the ordinary. This book A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart shares two women's worlds through the lenses of their cameras in the softer light of their mornings each day for an entire year.

In December when my sister told me of her plan to capture daily a photo for 365 days in 2010, and THEN when I was SURPRISED New Years Day that Stephanie Nielson is doing the same thing this year, I have been so excited to see pieces of these two special women's lives in a unique, creative, thoughtful way.

On Saturday this past weekend, I decided to take my camera along as I went about my morning from about 6:45 to 10:30. The idea is so interesting! I have only done it for one morning, but it caused me to slow down, think more thoughtfully about what was around and in front of me, and look for interest in the ordinary. Looking back on my shots, I realize how easy it is to take a picture BEFORE or AFTER "an event," but how very unique and interesting it can be to stop in the middle of DOING to notice and photograph the "in betweens." This is a taste of my Saturday morning:

Through the joy I am getting from following Jeanne and Stephanie, I expect that I will become more aware of the beauty in the everyday. And even though I won't be on the same photography adventure this year, I will let the inspiration impact the way I look at my family and my personal doings and surroundings.

Go here to follow Jeanne and here to follow Stephanie this year in photography.