After Lunch

Time to clean up before we get down and play.


Do you want to do it yourself? Otherwise, I'll need to.


Pausing, tired, I look at her.

She crosses her arms and pooches those lips.

Having my attention, she tries again. This time cross arms::pooch::throw-head-down::"No!"

I hold the laugh, and grab the camera:

Several pictures pass, and she asks to see.

Wash your face, and I'll show them to you on the computer.

The wiping begins, followed by some washcloth sucking. Then a little more wiping.

The job is nearly complete when I ask, "Can I gently wipe your nose?" Yah.
"Can I gently wipe your cheek?" Yah.
"Can I gently wipe your other cheek?" Yah.
Until every corner of her face is clean.

Then I had to fly her across the house as an airplane to change her diaper, "fuel" up her belly button with my finger and buckle up passengers with each snap of her clothing to keep her still on the changing table.

Are you surprised??