A Surprise Jaunt to a Fairy Tale Forest

We took the kids on a surprise drive this weekend.
The girls were excited.

Destination: the magical world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

H didn't know where or what until we walked into the lobby of the theater, and she remembered the Princess and the Pea play from last year.

Little A watched half of the play and slept half of the time on "daddy's" lap. AD was a dream, sleeping the whole time.

Because the theater encourages the children to sit up close on the floor in front of the stage and H didn't want to do it alone, she and I sat there with the rest of the children (and a couple other parents). Like last year, Missoula Children's Theatre and local children, from 5 years of age up to high school, put together a play in a week's time! The presentation of the fairy tale is a spoof of the original, very children friendly and full of humor.

During the play, H was so quiet, taking it all in. Afterward, she had plenty to say about it and wanted to pretend for the rest of the day. She was a forest bat (used by the queen to do her duty deeds), Little A was Snow White, Daddy was the huntsman, and I was the wicked queen.

The only disappointment H had about the play was Snow White's dress wasn't pretty enough, but I think the sugar cookies in the lobby following made up for it.

***Thanks again, A.B.***