Valentine's Walk

decorations created by H with love on Picnik

When asked several weeks ago, to whom she'd like to send a Valentine's, H must have thought of nearly everyone she has played with this year or anyone who has shown her love in some way, because the list of friends and family near and far became pretty hefty.

She got started making cards right away. Then her efforts slowed a bit, and my hands got involved more and more...but each person on the list has a card!

The date snuck up on me! Last night as I pondered life during a regular AD feeding, I realized if we don't get many of these cards out this morning, they won't only arrive late, they could be considered early for next year!

Well, we did it with stickers, plastic jewels, googlie eyes, and lots of hearts tucked neatly in homemade envelops (the only way to enclose some of these odd shaped creations)!