2 Wheels Shy of a Stroller

We were doing so well...SO WELL.
For the first day of swim lessons today, we arrived 20 minutes early, ready to strip down to the swimsuit and jump right in.

While unloading the crew out of the vehicle, I came across a grave site.
The 2 front wheels were missing!
Never before has this happened! They detach, but never before without me detaching!

So I am maneuvering the stroller on two back wheels with AD and his car seat attached inside, holding A in my arm because she doesn't want to walk hand-in-hand with H, and the walk to the locker room was extra long this chilly March morning because no parking for a Chevy dually could be found up close.

I passed a friend and her children in the parking lot with whom I could laugh a bit about the situation.
I was trying to make the best of the this, but I was dying inside!

Awkwardly, I trail the kids and the 2 wheeled stroller through a crowded locker room, then out to the pool area, and down the LONG walk to where parents sit.
I see one woman staring at us and, particularly, the stroller.
I smile and add, "This is not intentional. I didn't know the wheels got left behind until we got here."

(Little A snackin' and takin' in the view on 2 wheels.)

("This hot pool room is a real yawner, Mama.")
But she loved the morning. H jumped right in figuratively and literally. Before today, she was telling us she didn't want to do swimming again; she wanted dance or gymnastics. We decided swimming to give her more practice before we play in the river at Garner State Park this spring. I had a feeling she'd warm up well to it again, but it was so nice hearing her say, "I am going to like swimming, Mom!" today with sincere pleasure.

P.S. The 2 missing wheels have been reattached. The stroller is in the back of the dually COMPLETELY ready for tomorrow's lesson. Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoother...for me!