After the Cold

Stepped into the garden to work this afternoon after two unusually cold (plummeting as low as the upper 30s) and rainy June days. We had our fireplace cracking with mesquite last night as we cuddled around to watch a family movie. It has been chilly!

But weeding was cut short when thunder started rumbling. Before heading inside, the girls and I slipped back to find a bowlful of berries worth picking. Our small berry patch was a "propagation gift" from our neighbor two falls ago when she encouraged us to take nine of her runners. It has been so fun watching them make a home in our soil. Now I hope I can pass on the same gift to others in the years ahead.

Before the thunder turned into another down pour, I eagerly check in on our new neighbors for the first time since the weather turned winter on us. I am so sad to report that they didn't make it. The tree was quiet as I approached. No mother in sight or heard anywhere, which caught me by surprise. There the babies were grouped together at the bottom of the nest so still. Espi suspects that we frightened the mother away with the mower and sprinkler system going. I wonder if the weather has been too cold. What is the likelihood of such survival, too, when nests are so close to the ground? Those little beauties will be missed.

(the baby robins 3 days ago)