Lovin' Aunt Jeanne

The cold didn't stop her. The rain couldn't hold her back.

She even faced early morning fog and drizzle in flip-flops as to say, "Bring. It!"

When half of the merchants whimpered and decided a "no-show" was in order after just LOOKING out their windows, she was already setting up shop downtown Castle Rock, mind you, with her flip flops.

I pity the one who let's ANYTHING get between THIS woman and her flea market endeavours!
(A: "It's cold. My pants are getting wetter every minute. HOOOME!"::AD: "I've got LOVE!::H: "Mom, can I stay and help Aunt Jeanne decorate?")

(Seeing the fountain was A's highlight; although she had no smile to accompany her soaked pant cuffs::H was ready to jump in and fish for coins)

It was impressive the merchants who took the effort to set up shop this morning for the downtown Castle Rock flea market. We visited my sister mid morning with temperatures in the 40s. Top that with the rain, and it was a little messy. However, it looks like there will be a nice variety of collections for shoppers, especially when all the merchants show in the months ahead.

By the way, my sister's friend's husband was kind enough to pick up her boots from home to trade out the flip flops. But the courage and even the hope that led her out of her home this morning...

We love you, Jeanne!