Name That Baby Product

Hanna works her photography skills lately. She has an old school camera without batteries and film that she cranks, requests/arranges poses, and clicks away.

Waiting to take off to visit my sister and her kids this morning, we had been playing together on the floor. Hanna, with the digital camera this time, took a few pictures of us, and then proceeded to take shots of toys in the room from all angles.

This one makes me smile. With the background "props," there is no denying that children rock the house!

By the way, 1=tray to highchair, 2=old, once-blush baby blanket, 3=exer-saucer, 4=Boppy pillow, 5=storytime book, 6=repainted school desk (ok, really passed "baby" here), 7=car seat, and 8=open toy drawer with magna doodle. There are a couple others, but I'll stop.=)