What to Do with Weeds

Our second summer here, Espi and his buddy on a whim chopped down enough yucca plants in our pasture to pile high and overflow our flatbed trailer. And we took on a downtrodden, leafy spurge infested pasture that is now mostly grass where the horses can graze much of the time.

Weeds are hard work and not a pleasant sight most of the time.

Looking out at our property several days ago, Espi and I saw sporadic towering weeds in the pasture. We talked chopping and spraying. Then we decided to have a little fun with it. Espi took the mower over each one and, in the process, created a maze for the girls.

Since, evenings have been full of running, exploring, and pretending adventures on the maze trails. The prairie grass is standing about a foot and a half tall right now making the paths fun for the girls and safe for us to see them while weeding away in the garden or working near the barn.

See the wee-girls exploring?? Feels a little like having our own little hiking trails right out our back doors.