Library Finds and Sunshine

I love the public library! It's a weekly stop although not usually a leisurely one these days. I use the on-line search, hold, then pick up method--back in the car in 5 minutes or less--and the leisure begins at home. Nearly anything we want to enjoy or learn about can be read, listened to, or watched because of the library--with no commitment or regret that can come with purchasing. But then there is that book, CD, or DVD that we check out and we'd just love to add it to our own collection to enjoy over and over and over again.

One comes to mind lately. It's a how-to children's book series by Tina Davis. The first one I noticed a couple months ago called See and Sew. Loved the visuals, friendly guidance, and all-hand-sewing projects so much that we bought a copy and have it wrapped as a gift for our niece's birthday next week. Today we used another in the series titled Look and Cook to make (for the very first time I might add) a classic baked Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. Yum! Also, H and I read through all the classic (let me emphasize "classic"--mostly from scratch but no low-fat versions here) recipes and made a wish list of "makes" for the weeks ahead, including a chocolate birthday cake for Espi. It made me smile to see my mom's Bulls-Eye breakfast in here, too; however, Davis calls it Egg-in-a-Hole: cut a hole in the middle of a slice of bread, drop an egg in the hole, and pan fry til the egg is set and toast is golden brown.

[ready to eat up their homemade mac & cheese]

The last in the series is Sow and Grow. Our public library doesn't hold it, but I would love to buy it for our oldest and imagine it must be a wonderful first step toward her own garden, if it is anything like the other two.

Another library find that has been a joy to hear this week is Kari Jobe's music--sweet tunes full of beautiful truths.

And just because they have been sunshine to our kitchen today:

[clipped zinnias from a friend's front yard given yesterday and lazy-eye-lids AD sleeping through lunchtime]