To one surprisingly strong little guy who likes rearranging our kitchen stools!

To one very "agreeable" boy, as a friend described it, whose sadness can turn quickly to a smile when a "new idea" is offered to you.

To one funny babe who apparently likes his own jokes, when you are off by yourself repeating "your lines" and smiling.

To one smooth dancer, moving arms, waist, knees when a groovy tune comes on!

We adore you!

Happy 1st Birthday, AD!

[with your first horse]

[playing shapes today with sis]

[your giddy-up birthday cake]

[your precious lullaby book written and made by Grandma]

[birthday cards from cousin B and J]

[and one from cousin M, too]

[opening gifts]

[with sisters and cousins]
[And captured a mild version of AD's dance moves before this day came to a close.]