42 reasons you are special to us.
Once one gets going it is hard to narrow it down.
I guess there is always next year and 365 days in between.
[Kind words from loved ones near & far where added to the mix.]

The girls helped clean-up shop after the batter was in the oven.

This bad boy took TWO batches of frosting:

And to give the girls a smile, Espi requested these:

Frosting called for clean up time AGAIN:

Only for you, Birthday Boy. And this traditional Spanish tripe dish is known for curing hangovers. I have NO doubt that it scares the symptoms right out of a person! (Tripe is hard for me to swallow.) So glad you enjoyed this taste of "home" though:

[Celebrating Daddy and enjoying all the kitchen work.]

Happy 42, Espi!

We love you.

[Me: "Everyone, look at Mom!"::Little A: "Mooooo"::Camera: "Click."::Little A: "ooooom!"]