Final Stop: Caprock Canyon State Park, TX

We arrived at Caprock Canyon State Park after sundown.
Temperatures would be nearing freezing that night.
Thankful for our 5th wheel and heater!
Also, the art of cell phone imaging was not mastered on this trip, and I sort of hope it never has to be,...but I am thankful for these images that our broken camera could not provide.

Our one day to play at this park started winter-hat-and-mitten chilly AND windy. Not a fun outdoor combination. To buy some time before the predicted 60s temperatures arrived, we popped in the Visitor's Center, then let the girls play in the Children's Discovery Center. I was impressed; this small center is filled with wonderful activities for children of all ages to play and learn about the wildlife and history of the surrounding land. The girls chose an activity box all about bats.

[at the Discovery Center]

With temperatures on the up, we said good-bye to the indoors but were happy to know we had a place to come back to if the weather wasn't bearable (although we never needed to return to the center on this trip).
We still managed to squeeze in 2 small hikes before lunch. One took us to a natural bridge on the north end of Eagle Point Trail, which Espi and the girls were able to walk through.

[on Eagle Point Trail]

[at the natural bridge, soon to climb through the opening with Daddy]

[view from Eagle Point]

The next hike was along the Upper Canyon Trail. We just went in a little and came out so we could see a few great views of the canyon walls and the layering of minerals along the riverbed. We also saw a canyon formation that we called the "totem pole."

[H, especially, loved finding rocks along the way]

[looking for faces in the "totem pole" while standing off the trail in the riverbed]

[couldn't resist, but apparently, Little A could]

[morning nap]

[H and I walked the riverbed back to the truck]

After a full morning, naps went GREAT.

And with needing to leave the next morning, we took it easy for the rest of the day, only going out again to play at the playground. Again the playground stop was a hit for these girls!

[soloing the monkey bars]

[wiggling the bridge]

[AD takes the big slide with Mom]

[Did I mention, it was cold?? All three camping cuties together at sundown.]

[You'll see a little scare in Little A's face. It was a long slide, but Espi helps end it with smiles.]

[And H wanted some smiles, too. Only dads can do this with an almost-6 year old!]

It was a little bittersweet, especially for my TX husband, heading back to the cold northern temperatures of CO. But there was no better way to return than with the many good memories made with family, friends, and enjoying the beauty of our land.