Learning the ropes on our new camera...very SLOWLY.

Allowing our property to be an all day haven for our community herd.
Enjoying Daddy's homemade milkshakes.
AD demonstrating his Houdini talent.
Making our own "white" when the weather's not cooperating.
Remembering and celebrating the heart of our time together--Emmanuel.
Cousins. playing til exhaustion day after day.
A couple girls giving free hair salon treatments and styles--but tips were welcome.

Prepping for surprising.

Giving and receiving all the while.

Christmas carols...
...with family.
Several walks in the bright Colorado sunshine, enjoying holiday highs in the 50s.

Storytimes with Grandma.
AD toddling around with Grandpa's help.

Talent show night (yoga moves, immitating Flynn's smolder, piano playing and singing with a toy baby grand, making snowflakes).

Making faces and giggling with Aunt J (notice Aunt J got a "salon treatment," too).
Savoring the shared time, good food, and good company. Savoring the kindness, the joy, the spirit of the season. Savoring.