2010: While the New Year is Still Young

I want to hold onto what rose to the top. Before 2010 gets too far away, I will slow down to remember highlights:

Music Discoveries:
Christa Wells
Hillsong: A Beautiful Exchange
Kari Jobe

Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers
The Confident Woman: Knowing Who You Are in Christ by Anabel Gillham (Given to me as a gift from a friend who was blessed and wanted to keep the blessing going amongst her circle of friends, I was not drawn in by the title; I feel pretty strong and sound in my faith. The book streamlines the truths of Jesus and his life in us. Having a clear picture of our Truth (and being aware of what is not) is a constant need; the book is a blessing.)
Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl Buck

Regularly felt better having visited 60piggies, Rabbitroom, Christa Wells, and inchmark journal.
A couple dear childhood friends started writing, which has been a blast for connecting over the miles.
Also, my sister rocked in photography and words.

We didn't "up the anti" from last year. Not many movies were seen, but two documentaries stand out; Food, Inc. and The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God were both great views and thought provoking.

Changes at Home:
The girls started bunk bedding it.
Espi built a tree house for the kids.
Our oldest entered the "years of education"--kindergarten!

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TX
Garner State Park, TX
Prairie Rose State Park, IA
Wabounsie State Park, IA
Prairie Dog State Park, KS
Guanella Pass, CO
Ft. Richardson State Historical Park, TX
Caprock Canyon State Park, TX

Heartline Ministries
& the Livesays (Haiti)
Shores of Grace Ministries (Brazil)
family working hard and praying hard for their commitments when times are painful and weary
friends who are doing the same, with what is theirs, and are determined to make joy anyway
a friend (by way of my mom) and her family sold their "dream" farm to live in an apartment in hopes of being used by god more readily, in hopes of living a life more generously

Each year never fails to include heartache, and I image that this becomes more apparent as I and my circle of family and friends get older. There were natural and man-made disasters, the passing of loved ones, families torn and some broken. But in all of 2010's heartache, hope never left.

Great joys:
Childhood friend adopted a son.
Dear friends had a wondrous birth and welcomed their third and fourth children into their family.
My sister and brother-in-law welcomed their sixth child into their family.
Family reunion of my mother and all her sisters here in CO.
Watching the Chilean miners rise from the earth alive.
Celebrating AD's first year with us.
Witnessing the healing that is taking place in some loved ones' marriage and family.
Celebrating 9 years of marriage in the place where we became engaged--the Riverwalk.

What I know from 2010:
There is beauty in the ordinary. Everyday. Every moment. It is unmistakably in the routine, "magic" of nature, in the uniqueness of each life, and it can be in the way we choose to treat another. It is here for us, He is here for us anytime, all the time.

{Thank you, 2010. Welcome, 2011.}