From Armoire to Family Central

Espi makes and creates so much for this home and land. And sometimes he "makes" all for me...or at least it feels that way, even when he benefits, too.

When we moved into this 70s country home over 7 years ago, I dreamed of a small island in the middle of our small kitchen providing more counter space for dicing up food and casual eating. A couple years ago, Espi looked at our large armoire on our lower level (that was blocking wall space for a new tv) and envisioned cutting off the top, attaching a butcher board slab, and voila, today I have my island.

I love this simple, re-purposed piece he made. It is used constantly for food prep, eating snacks (even fitting in quick meals), doing school work, projects and crafts. Last night, it's where we played board games. Today, on one side I made sugar cookies; on the other side, H finished her birthday thank yous.

This little space has truly become family-central...all because a handy man heard a dream, (desired a mini-theatre home experience,) looked at what we had with creative eyes, and made it happen.

Gracias, Mi Amor.