Loving My Passions

{It's where I grew up, aside from some meal breaks here and there. It's why I enjoy my favorite recreations: hiking, trail biking, and trail running. It brings peace, sanity, perspective, inspiration, health--and it's full of God's wonders and His very evident faithfulness: the outdoors.}

{We are crazy, funny, foolish, wise, courageous. Each individual story is unique, full of possibilities, choices, survival. And each is apart of the great universal story of love and redemption: people.}

{It's the one that is the same today as it was anytime in the past. It's the reason we have sciences because without it all would be random, and there would be no system or order to study: Truth. Also, no masks, no lies allowed. I remember as a child looking for this constantly in adults like it was a hidden treasure--I never want to forget how important it was...and how important it is now that I'm on the other side. It lives free in an environment of love: sincerity.}

My many interests fit well under these few broad topics that have returned again and again to fill me with life, direction, and hope.

Celebrating love each Friday this February with Jeanne Oliver. Posting "love your passion" here today.