Flashback {Goodnight Nobody}

I'm so glad I take the time (even here and there) to record memories with pen, camera, or keyboard because, otherwise, I tend to remember more of the feelings and lose too many of the fun details. This story has been saved in my computer files since January 8, 2007. At the time, I was teaching jr.high, H was our only child, and she was 1 month shy of 2 years old. Each of these children bring so many smiles, so much joy. May I hold onto the sweet details they add to our life:

Hanna gets goofy when she is tired, and little things can set her off. She was set off last night in the cutest way. There's a popular baby book out there called Goodnight Moon. Hanna knows it pretty well. However, we hadn't read it for awhile when we picked it up last night before bed. The story begins like it always does..."In the the great green room there was a telephone and a red balloon..." She's lovin' it, just soakin' it up. Then I start reading, "Goodnight room. Goodnight moon..." Then I read, "Goodnight nobody," with the page that's blank. Hanna laughs; she gets it. I say it again, and she laughs more. By the time I put her to bed, we read through the book three times, and repeat the "silly" page quite a few more times--every time followed by Hanna's laughs. This morning driving into work with Hanna in the back seat, I am driving with a smile on my face thinking of Hanna laughing like she did last night. Then I ask Hanna, "Do you remember reading Goodnight Moon last night." She nods. "Remember when we read the page, 'Goodnight nobody'?" Hanna laughs again.

{glimpses of H and us around the time of "goodnight nobody!"}