Mounds of Blankets, Curls, and Worms

While washing sheets this morning, this is where I found the whole mini crew. The girls are in there somewhere.

And sometimes photos communicate messages loud and clear. Follow top then bottom row: "Mooom! Just because I have cute curls doesn't mean you should let them grow and grow and grow. Brings these curls down a notch soon please!"

Do you see how he is expressing himself so well already!?

Today while AD napped, H ventured out into the pasture to explore and AF was determined to find worms in the garden as I planted more spring seeds. And she did. On her own, she found a "baby" worm, and soon I overheard her talking softly to it as if it was lost and far from family. She was thrilled that the worm didn't want to scurry out of her hand--so proud of the moment, she even said she wanted to show Abuela in Texas. The "conversations" with this worm continued for at least 10 minutes! It was at this point that I felt that I am not sure I am ready for our middle to move beyond the 2s into the world of 3s in a little over a week! I imagine these years to come are plenty sweet, too, but the innocence and imagination in these moments are precious. It was time to pack up seeds and head inside. As AF knelt down to let her friend loose, she excitedly shared, "Mom, I think I found its Daddy!" pointing to a long, fat one near her shoe. The reunion was made, and we both left pleased and sure we hadn't seen the end of those two.