Spring in Texas [1 of 4]

On St. Patrick's Day, we hit the road Texas bound. We had been looking forward to putting a little experiment to the test. Espi has been able to work from home for a good while now. How would working from "home" from his mom's place pan out? And if successful, could we try this approach anywhere our hearts desire and our truck and 5th wheel can take us? The beautiful blue sky was promising.

The next evening, we arrived to Espi's brother and 2 out of their 3 boys enjoying the last of their spring break with "Abuela." They had to leave the next day, but it was so good to see them in the little time we had!
[Tio being silly with and loving on AD]
["Saying" See You Laters]

Our 3 week visit got a little fuzzy, but I believe that same day of saying good-byes to one set of cousins also included saying hellos to a second set of them. So the children's ages now ranged from 16 months to 7 years, and as long as they had each other they were playing mostly outdoors from breakfast until bath time was commanded.

[I think the mini crew found every single caterpillar in their abuela's yard during the duration of our stay.]

[Abuela's garage turned into a roller skating rink almost everyday, even Little AF couldn't resist trying.]

[The textures and colors around us were so enjoyable.]
[Spring was budding, and it was wonderful watching the different bush and flower varieties come to life during our stay.]

One desire Espi and his brothers had during our stay was getting their mom a much needed gift or two that has been on her wish list. After no success with one idea, we turned in a whole different direction and decided to surprise her by finishing a couple bigger projects for her home. With a lot of elbow grease, Espi (mostly) and I got to work when breaks allowed.
[These goofballs were squirreling around at bedtime. I said, "Everyone, look up!" And there you have it; he's looking up!]

And so, our trip begins!