Spring in Texas [4 of 4]

I write about Garner when today we had rain, sleet, hail, SNOW, and cold. I am missing those 90 degree days!

Because of the hot temperatures during our stay at Garner State Park, we did very little hiking and spent as much time as possible in the river...and napping in the A/C. And because we were all in the water so often, this trip included a lot fewer pictures.

On our first afternoon in the water, we played in a deeper portion of the river. For all of us except AF and AD, this is the place to really play, get soaked, and swim. But, even so, it's a gradual decline; so the water on the edge is perfect for little ones:

Each day here, we saw an inch worm appearing suspended in air actually climbing its thread up into the leaves of the tree next to our camper. What a cool, funny sight it was!

The extent of our "hiking" was taking a roadside path to the pavilion to see some overlooks and visit the gift shop:

[H asked: "Oh, Mom! Can we get these??" My response, thinking of all the water bottles we have at home and two more we just brought back with us from Abuela's: "Not this time, but you can have your picture taken with it!" So, her face. The girls did find some cute bracelets and tasty rock candies instead.::::Also, sometimes parks surprise me with interesting, attractive architectural details. This painted tile was the flooring for all of the concessions and gift shop.]

We stayed in an extra shallow portion of the river on our second day, hoping the youngest ones would explore more in the water. However, the two Littles enjoyed staying on the shore throwing rocks most of the time. H had at least 3-4 feet depth to practice her swim moves:

[Can you spy the rocks being tossed? AF tended to go the route of multiple, pebble-ish sizes; AD went for mini-boulders.]

[AD tried his first taste of Daddy's favorite: Big Red. It was bound to happen.]

[After two days of swimming and a bit of Big Red, it looks like we've had it! or had tons of fun.]

[And shortly after the girls were cleaned from head to toe, they got stickied up with their rock candy. Nice.]

So right now, I am a bit dreamy-eyed looking at these shorts-and-tank-top weather days as I am typing here while our fireplace blazes! And to top that off, I started our spring garden earlier today before the sleet, hail, and snow came in. It's feeling wrong! The warm will be here soon enough, but I could do with a little more Texas right now!