Flashback {May 5, 2008}

Three years ago today, I remember finishing a bit of school work at the computer for my co-worker on the most comfortable chair I could find, a huge exercise ball. H and Espi were sleeping when I slipped into bed about 9:30, but sleep never came for me. Soon, the contractions were felt regularly. By the time we arrived at the hospital, it was near mid-night. There, a dear friend met us to take H home with her and her family. And just a short hour and 19 minutes passed Cinco de Mayo, AF greeted us.

Today AF asked, "Mom, do I get 3 candles on my cake this time?"
Yes, you do.
So excited, "This is the first time I've ever had 3 candles on a cake!"

Today, I made my first gluten-free chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. It looks pretty good; tomorrow we'll find out if it tastes the same, too. She wanted fresh cherries on top, but when she heard the store didn't have any, she said raspberries would be OK. Tonight we bring out the birthday flags, her requested blue, red, and yellow balloons, and presents. Espi is blowing up balloons now. H asked if I'd pull her out of her bed after AF is asleep to help decorate tonight. That H is a decorator! So off I go to pull H and get this home a bit more festive to celebrate AF's 3 years with us tomorrow.

{one of my last pictures taken before seeing AF. H was 3 years 3 months.}